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The first site in the world that allows you to choose your holiday in an emotional way. Take the tour to discover the Italy of Towns and create the perfect trip for you.

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Thaz Italia is a Terravision London Finance project that aims to exploit the treasures of Italy and provide its guests an authentic experience. All starting from € 14 for a night in an apartment in the old town centre.


Apartments selected in old town centres to provide guests a comfortable stay and the possibility of experiencing the authentic atmosphere of the place. All the apartments have kitchen and bathroom and, depending on the type, can accommodate from 2 to 6 persons.


You will be able to purchase a food kit with fresh products to prepare with the typical recipes of the area and typical products or each in participating restaurants at advantageous prices.


The opportunity to get to know the culture, art and natural heritage of small Italian towns. Through Thaz Italia, you can discover, visit and appreciate the patrimony of treasures that make Italy a lively country with a wealth of emotions.


History, art and also recreational activities, sports, tastings and wine and food courses to associate with your stay. You will be able to participate in craft workshops or professional master classes and training schools. In addition to intensive Italian language classes for foreigners.

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